How To Protect Your Word Document with a Password.

By | 26th December 2015

When using Microsoft Word, you can use passwords to help prevent other people from opening or modifying your Word documents. Once the document is protected by a password, it cannot be opened even if sent through an email as an attachment or transferred to another device.

Note : It’s important to know that if you don’t remember your password Microsoft can’t retrieve your forgotten passwords.

Follow these steps to protect your Word document with a password:
1. In an open document, click File >
2. Click Info.
3. Select Protect Document. A drop down list of different options will display. Select which is best for your need.

You see the following options.

1. Mark as Final : This make your Word document as read-only. This means typing, editing commands, and proofing are disabled or turned off and your Word document becomes read-only. This helps prevent reviewers or readers from making changes to the document.

2. Encrypt with Password: This feature enables you to set a password for your document.
When you select this option, the Encrypt Document dialogue box appears.


In the Password box, your required to type in a password. You have to be really careful here that you type and store your password because Microsoft didn’t provide any facility to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords.

3. Restrict Editing : This feature enables you to set control on what types of changes can be made to your Word document.
The Restrict Editing presents you with three options.
i. Formatting restrictions This reduces formatting options, preserving a look and feel.
Click Settings to select which style are allowed.
ii. Editing restrictions You control how the file can be edited or you can disable editing.
Click Exceptions or More users to control those who can edit.
iii. Start enforcement Click Yes, Start Enforcing Protection to select password protection or user authentication.
You can also click Restrict permission to add or remove editors who’ll have restricted permissions.

4. Add a Digital Signature : With this feature, you can add a visible or invisible digital signature. Digital signatures can be in the form of texts or images .This helps to authenticate your Word document.

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