What is Mail Merge in Microsoft Word?

By | 26th December 2015

Creating Mail Merge in Microsoft Word.

Mail merge is a feature you can use to combine a main document ( Letter or memo) with a separate list data source(names and addresses) into one document.

You use mail merge when you want to create a set of documents, such as a form letter that is sent to many customers. If you want to send a letter to your customers simultaneously without having to type or insert each letter with a personalize name and address, you use mail merge to personalize each letter to address each customer by name.

The unique information in each letter comes from entries in a data source.
A data source is a document containing all records used in a merged document is created in a table format. It contains information broken into many fields e.g Surname, First Name, Address, occupation etc.

Data source document and be edited or changed as situation requires, you can change and delete record to suit a required circumstance.

Steps to Create a Mail Merge:

1. Open a Word document (A letter or Memo you want to merge)
2. Select the Mailing Tab on the ribbon


and click the Start Mail Merge button.

3. Click Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard from the drop down menu.


This action will display The Mail Merge Task Pane on the right.


4.    Select Letters if it’s not selected by default.
5.    Click Next: Starting document to move to the next step (2)
6.    At step 2 select to Use the current document. This is the letter or memo you open earlier.
7.    Click in the first line of your document to insert Date & Time.
8.    Click the Insert tab on the ribbon and select Date & Time button in the Text group. Choose a format of             the Date & Time from the Available Formats.
9.    Click Next: Select Recipients to move to step 3
10.  At this step, place your cursor at the top of the document you are working on where you want the recipient’s          information to appear
11. Click the drop down arrow on the Insert Merge Field.

12. Click on each one of the fields list and a space before another. The field will be added to the letter or Memo (depending on what information you have in the Data Source). Remember to use the Enter Key to move to the next line. It will look like this:

«Title»«First_Name» «Last_Name»

13.    After the Dear in the main letter, give a space and select The First Name field from the Insert Mail                 Merge Button.
14.    You will need the stage 3 if you had not written or planed your letter and data source. Its quite recommended to write and save your letter and data source (addresses) before starting the mail merge. If your document is prepared already move to step 4. Read How to Create a Data Source

15. Click Next: Preview your letters in the task pane to move to stage 5 where the merged letters can be previewed and printed.
Use the chevron near the top to of the task Pane to move through the finalized letters

16. Click Next: Complete the merge to complete your mail merge.

It will do you good to read the information on the task pane then click the Print button. The Merge to Printer dialogue box will appear, click Ok.
17. To save, Merge and view all letters, Click the Edit Individual letters on the Task Pane. This will display the merged letter in pages.

18. Click Ok to save.

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