What is Mail Merge Data Source?

By | 26th December 2015

Creating a mail merge data source.

Mail merge data source in is where you stored the name of your contacts, customers, Staffs addresses,etc. It is a a type of address list that can be used with any number of main documents.

Your data source is saved and stored in your access database or Microsoft exchange server if you have one. You can always include and delete items from your data source as circumstances change.

To create a data source, follow these steps:
1. Open a new blank document
2. Select the Mailings tab on the ribbon.
Click the Select recipients and drop down option will be displayed.

3. Click to choose Type New List. The new list dialogue box will be displayed:

4. Click on the customise column at the bottom


5. Here you will be able to add, rename or delete the information you need to appear on the field name.
6.. Select the Field list you need and click Add. The field you chose will be added to the New Address list dialogue box and click Ok.

7. Click on the row to enter your required information:


8. Enter the texts as required in each field. Use the Tab key or the Right Arrow key on your keyboard to move from field to field.
9. Click New Entry to enter the next row and Delete Entry to delete texts.
10. Click OK when you finish entering information. This will launch the Save Address List dialogue box.
11. Enter the file name in the File Name box and the data will be saved as Microsoft Office Address List file(*.mdb) in the Save As Type.

12. Select where you save location; My Document, Desktop, Folder, etc.
13. Click Ok.
14. The finished Mail Merge Recipients dialog box will appear. It looks like this:

Here, you can use other features including Find, Filter, Sort to work with information.

Click Ok to close.

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