How to Apply Borders to Texts or Documents in word.

By | 26th December 2015

Borders can be created around texts or a whole page. This word feature comes with different options:

Box: this allows you to insert same border around an object
Shadow: this allows you to drop shadow around the texts or image.
3-D: this enhances your image in a 3D form.

To apply border to your document:
1. Open the document you want to apply border to, or select the texts or paragraph you want to apply border to.
2. In the paragraphs group, click the borders button to drop down and select borders and shading.



This will launch the Borders and Shading dialogue box:


The borders tab display by default. Click on the type of border you want under settings: Box, Shadow, 3-D orCustom.

You can as well choose your border line style, color or width.

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