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What is Wildcards in Access Database?

How to Query a Table using Wildcards. Access wildcards are special operators which allow you to process and retrieve data from a database. You can use the special characters like: . question mark (?), . number sign (#), . asterisk (*), . greater than >, . less than <, . greater than or equals to >=, . less… Read More »

What is Primary Key in Access? How to Specify a Primary Key

Specifying or defining a Primary Key in Access Database. Primary Keys are used as a form of an ID. It’s used to uniquely identify a record in a table.  A social security number or referenced number can be used as a primary key. This is due to the uniqueness or difference in values and with primary keys, it… Read More »

How to Design and Create a Table in Database

Designing and Creating  Table in Access Database. You can create a table in a new database or an old database. There are two ways in creating a table: The Design View and Data Sheet View. Design View: This is where you design your tables using table’s properties provided by access. It displays option you can choose in designing your table the… Read More »

How to Edit a Table in Access Database.

How to move around table in database.   After designing your table and switched back to datasheet view to enter data, you can move around your table either to edit or change certain information using steps below: 1.  Click on the cells under the Field Name to enter data direct into the table. 2.  Use the Tab key or the arrow keys… Read More »

How to Index a Table in Access.

Indexing a Table in Access. Indexing is one of the few options and features Access 2010 offers to speed up the search, the best way to understand indexes in access database is to liken it to a telephone directory, Yellow Pages or even a store catalogue. It will be much easier to search or seek out a particular… Read More »

How to Format a Table Field Properties in Access.

Formatting table Field Properties in Access. You can view, set or edit your table field properties in the design view. Below the design view window is the table Field properties. This is where you can customize data that being entered into your table. The ranges from length of texts date & time formatting, Currency value (decimals) etc. To… Read More »

How to Query Multiple Related Tables in Access.

Query Multiple Related Tables in Access database. You can use multiple tables, as the record source for a query. The method used in querying related tables is similar to querying one table, the only different is that at the Show Table stage, more than one table is added to the query grid. Fields can be chosen from the… Read More »

What is Query in Access? How To Create

How To Create A Query In Access Query is used in access to retrieve data/information from a table or database. A query can also be used to request for data results, answer a simple question or supply data for a form or report based on data contained in a database. What queries does is to take information from… Read More »

How to Use Query by Selection in Access.

Using Use Query by selection in Access. Select Query can be used to calculate fields and expressions to help return the data that you need. One of the main uses of a query is to select certain records from a table based on entered criteria. How to create query by selection. Use the steps below to create query… Read More »

What is Database Table Relationship?

Tables Relationship Overview Table relationship is very essential  to creating an accurate database. There are different ways to relate tables in database, the three basic ways are: i, One to Many relationship In a database where you have two or more tables, one table in this type of relationship have different fields which relates to other tables in the… Read More »